Maple Tenors

These are two curly maple tenors I built to compare a more traditional “fan” bracing with a newer, off-center “Kasha” bracing.  They are indeed different, with the Kasha bracing having a more “guitar like” sound (deeper, more resonate) while the fan braced one has a brighter sound (one might say it has a more “ukulele like” sound).  Which one is best?  That all depends n what you are seeking in the sound from a ukelele.  They both sound good, just different.

  • Back and Sides:   Curly maple, cut at a sawmill about 10 miles from my house back in the 1970’s
  • Tops:   Sitka spruce, one fan braced, one Kasha braced
  • Neck: Pennsylvania black walnut
  • Binding:  Paduk
  • Fingerboard, bridge:  Bocote
  • Nut & saddle:  Mammoth ivory
  • Black-White-Black purfling, Paua abalone rosette, white pearl rosette
  • Headstock: Kasha braced – Curly maple with red abalone maple leaves
  • Headstock: fan braced – Bocote which showed a natural “goat” image.  I just added the horns and eye pupils.

IMG_6773IMG_6780 IMG_6778   IMG_6753 IMG_6752 IMG_6758  IMG_6763 IMG_6764IMG_6755 IMG_6769IMG_6765 IMG_6766IMG_6761 IMG_6768

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