Sound Samples

I was a vendor at a ukulele festival yesterday.  A fellow named Glen Hirabayashi from the Aloha Boys who was one of the instructors and performers came by and played a couple of my ukuleles. He really seemed to like them, he came back 3 times. Here are two videos, the beginning of a piece he played, and the end.  There actually two different instruments.  Both with casuarina back and sides and redwood tops, but one has a standard 17″ scale, and the other is a custom 19″ scale model. The 17″ scale instrument (the ‘beginning’) has a streaky redwood top, and the 19″ scale (the ending) has a clear curly redwood top. Glen played the same thing on both so one can compare the sound.

Glen Hirabayashi – begining

Glen Hirabayashi – end


Here are some small ukulele sound samples.  Simple video recordings with my phone, but it should give you a sense of what the instruments are about.

A friend playing Soldier’s Joy” on the “Tribute to Martin” ukulele:

Soldier’s Joy

Here is Soldier’s Joy on a redwood topped uke (high G):

Soldier’s Joy – redwood

Here are the same two instruments, with a different tune.  First the “Tribute to Martin”:

Tribute to Martin

Then there is the redwood topped uke, which is strung with a high G string:


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