Parlor Guitars

I started to build some baritone ukuleles.  A baritone ukulele is tuned one-fifth below a tenor or soprano ukulele, making the 4 strings of a baritone ukulele the same as the top 4 strings on a guitar.  I realized that if I put a 6 string neck on what would normally be a baritone ukulele body, I would have a little ‘parlor’ guitar.

A ‘parlor’ guitar because guitars used to be much smaller, when they were played for enjoyment around the parlor.  Guitars got ‘big’ when they became a band and stage instrument.  I have always found that a modern guitar is too big and seems awkward to hold and play.  You have to reach way around the big body to get to the strings.  These little parlor guitars are very comfortable to hold, and feel much more personal.  I really like them.

In spite of the smaller size, they are resonate very well and have good volume.  I also fit them all with a piezo under-soundboard pickup so you can plug them in if you want to make even more noise!

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(Sold) Cocobolo parlor guitar

Parlor Guitars for sale.


Redwood – Sapele

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