Katie is in many was responsible for me making ukuleles.  It was her enthusiasm, and hearing her play on my very first ukulele, that convinced me that I ought to build another.  And then another. and then ….   I promised her a custom uke whenever she wanted it, and this is the result of the collaboration.

Streaky redwood from water tank redwood, walnut back and sides, ebony fingerboard, bridge, and headplate, blue-orange-blue purfling, sycamore binding, yellow pearl rosette, sunflower inlay on headstock.  This is the best sounding uke I have built to date.  I really like redwood as a top material, and the thinking/work I have been doing on bracing seems to be paying off.

IMG_20160815_141528 IMG_20160815_141740 IMG_20160815_141831 IMG_20160815_141854 IMG_20160815_205557

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