#31 Jim Johnson

This is a custom for a friend, Jim Johnson.  It is a new direction for me, as this is a long-necked tenor.  It is a standard tenor body with a long neck with a 19 inch scale instead of the usual 17 inch scale.  It is tuned the same as a regular tenor which means that the strings are under additional tension, which leads to a brighter tone, and increased volume.  The combination of the streaky water tank redwood and black walnut back and sides yields a really nice sounding instrument.  (I have built one before with this combination, and that also sounds really good.)

Streaky redwood top, from water tank redwood, Pennsylvania black walnut back and sides, Pennsylvania sycamore binding, black-red-black purfling, pink abalone rosette and lettering, Alaskan yellow cedar neck with a black walnut spline, ebony fingerboard, headplate and bridge, corian nut, bone saddle.  This has Gotoh planetary tuners.



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