Redwood and Sycamore 1


This is one of the first ukuleles which have redwood tops.  The redwood is old growth redwood with an incredibly tight grain, recycled from old water tanks that were on the top of apartments in New York City (see blog entry).  The ukulele features redwood with the water stains from the water soaking out through the tanks.  Kind of “sinker” wood from up in the sky instead of from the bottom of a lake.

The back and sides are sycamore, cut from a big old tree they took down a couple of miles from my house while putting in a new bridge.  I really like sycamore.  The look is fabulous, but you never see it because it has to be sawn just right, exactly perpendicular to the growth rings.  Get off even a few degrees and the ray pattern turns into just flecks.

Alaskan yellow cedar neck, black-red-black purfling and East Indian rosewood binding, red-sea snail pearl rosette, pau santo (I think) fingerboard, bocote bridge, bone saddle, dogwood root burl headplate.

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