“I am the very proud owner of three Jupiter ukuleles. Play-ability is excellent, resonance is unsurpassed. Each is unique, each is meticulously hand built, and each has a unique voice and look that I love. And Jon Dale stands behind each uke 100%. Doesn’t get any better!” – Duncan P., Ukulele teacher

“I am loving the sound of my new ukulele. I am bummed out though… the one I got from you sounds so nice I am not satisfied with my Koa ukulele from Amahi any longer! Or any of the other ones I was thinking about getting.” – Bob W.

“The instrument is simply stunning. Craftsmanship is superb. The wood is amazing, as is the inlay, purfling and all. It is just beautiful. And best of all, the sound quality is fantastic. Such a great tone and the resonance is exceptional all the way up the neck.” – Todd E.

“I want to tell you again how happy I am with my concert and soprano ukuleles. The inch-and-a-half fretboards are absolute delights for me. I’m always pleased and proud to say the tops are recycled redwood from an apartment building water tank. And when I describe the other woods to my friends – Pennsylvania black walnut, Alaskan cedar, Florida casuarina – it’s a pleasure to see their surprised looks. What a sound and sustain! Two beautiful ukuleles in every way. Thank you, Jonathan, for being such an artist and craftsman.” – Lee U.

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