Margie’s wedding present

Margi is a friend and daughter of my neighbor and best friend Tim.  For her wedding I built her a ukulele made entirely out of woods from right around our properties.  It has curly ash back and sides from a tree that Tim and I took down that was shading his garden.  The top is spruce from a tree that came down in a storm in-town, about 6 miles from our houses.  The neck is Pennsylvania cherry found in an old barn on a farm where Tim and I spent some time.  The fingerboard and bridge are dogwood from the back of my property, and the headstock overlay is a dogwood root burl that Tim’s son dragged out of the woods and Tim presented to me.   A real friend is one who knows you will be interested in a big of, slightly rotten, root burl!

Margi and her husband are veterinarians out in Wyoming, and great lovers of horses, hence the ‘horse’ inlay theme.

IMG_7612 IMG_7601 IMG_7600 IMG_7603 IMG_7590 IMG_7589 IMG_7579IMG_7613 IMG_7617 IMG_7582IMG_7618

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